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Christmas Decorations!!

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Don't you just love this time of year with all the Christmas lights everywhere?  The yards, the living rooms, the office buildings, hotel lobbies and store windows - all lit up and twinkling.  

 Some people go to town with decorations.  Have you ever seen the Griswald's?  

But, what amazes me is how you can make such a delightful difference with just a few bulbs, some twigs of greenery, a stretch of garland or a little bit of tinsel.

Sometimes, it's the small  pleasures in the season that are priceless - or at least at Merchandise Outlet, affordable.

  Check out the little 3' tree for $9.99

Before you head into the big box stores for all of your decoration needs - stop at Merchandise Outlet and find all those little things that can save you big.


Spruce up your space with a little bit of the Christmas spirit.

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