Peg, Where have you been? Traverse City, Michigan!!

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Hey, folks!  Sorry that I have been gone so long!  We started work in Traverse City on May 21 and just opened on Monday, July 2.  You all know Traverse City, home of the Cherry Festival and the Film Festival; the sandy  beaches of Traverse Bay; the sailboats and yachts floating by; and now - MERCHANDISE OUTLET!!

A little out of the mainstream of the resort area of Traverse City, down Garfield Avenue, heading towards the airport; you will find us lodged in between Sav-A-Lot and Golden-Fowler Home Furnishings.

The footprint of our store is very similar, with a little bit larger clothing area, but a little bit less in tools.  

We are so excited to start our new adventure in Traverse City.  We have been operating for about a week now.  Every person that I have spoken to in the new store have been so receptive to our coming to the neighborhood.  We hope to to add to our circle of friends, add a few more "Merch" addicts to our list.  Thanks for being so patient with us and make sure you come see us in Traverse City!