Christmas Bells are Ringing!

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Have you seen all the tinsel and garland and silver bells at the stores?  What a fun time to be at Merchandise Outlet.  We have been accumulating Christmas merchandise all year long and it has just been BULGING to get to the shelves.  The space is limited on the shelves so as soon as something moves and makes space - more is pulled from the back to replace it, so keep watching for new stuff!

I almost have a hard time to not start Christmas shopping way earlier in the year so I am glad to finally give myself the go-ahead.  You can't Christmas shop at Merchandise Outlet like your big box retail stores.  Don't come in with a check off list of items that you want to buy - like the  hottest item that everyone is going to fighting over at 3am on Black Friday.  Come into Merchandise Outlet with a list of friends and family for who you want to find something unique and fitting.  I just love walking through the aisles and looking at all the mismatch of merchandise.  The items just seem to call out names off my list.  It's like the merchandise has a personality that is waiting to find its other half.  Don't get me wrong - some of those hot popular items are in Merchandise Outlet too - but it is way more than that.  AND what you find in Merchandise Outlet has a lot lower price tag than the other stores.  


Make sure that you put Merchandise Outlet on the top of your list - your Christmas dollars stretch a lot further and you find a lot of fun stuff for your friends and family.  The whole shopping experience is a little more fun too.  The more time you can set aside to browse, the more fun it will be.  Holiday time is here!  Ready, set, Go!